The Roots: Best Band on Late Night TV?

Jimmy Fallon‘s show is without a doubt the worst thing happening in late-night television: His monologue last night again was stultifying, and his “interviews” are awful.

But veteran jazzy hip-hoppers¬† The Roots easily count as the funkiest and probably best house band in all of late night (although I still have a soft spot for Paul Shaffer‘s talented crew on David Letterman’s show).¬† And what other TV band has a tuba player in the bass position?

Ten months into the gig, drummer Questlove and Co. still sound great, and their eclectic flexibility gives Fallon’s dull program its sole bit of oomph. My entirely unsolicited recommendation for the show: Less Fallon, more Roots, backing an even more eclectic mix of musical guests, including more jazz artists.

Check out this audio clip, with still pics, of the Roots and Brooklyn’s Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra backing Paul Simon’s performance of “Late in the Evening” on Fallon’s show.

Langerado: Hmmmm

I wrote this in response to a comment on my below post, and I thought I might as well give it its own post:

“It’s not nearly impressive as it could have been, and should have been.

As it stands now, I’m no longer sure that this will be a “must” on my 09 concert calendar.

For those (like me) interested in seeing great jam bands on the bill, the lineup at Bear Creek was far, far more impressive.

If I were running the fest, I would have included far more jam bands — MMW? Karl Denson? Robert Walter? Charlie Hunter? Galactic? The Motet? Lettuce? — plus at least one of the Dead-related bands, one of the Allmans-related bands, more altcountry, New Orleans acts, blues acts, and a jazz act or two.

And for the love of God, it’s in Miami: Why not more reggae and/or African acts? One or more of the Marleys? Femi Kuti? Thomas Mapfumo? Boukman Eksperyans? Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra? Chicago Afrobeat Project?

How about Latin jazz and Brazilian? Arturo Sandoval? Omar Sosa? Eliane Elias?

I could go on, but, in short … color me disappointed.