The Wrong Missy (movie review)

“THE WRONG MISSY” (90 minutes; TV-Mature; available on Netflix) — The latest entry  in Adam Sandler‘s multi-film production deal with Netflix — which has brought us the execrable “The Week Of” and other lazy so-called comedies — is frontloaded with a mildly promising set-up.

Tim, some kind of banking exec played by a somewhat mellowed and still barely likable David Spade, meets cute at the airport with a former beauty queen (Molly Sims) who shares his rather vanilla taste in entertainment diversions — they both heart listening to Phil Collins and reading James Patterson. Sparks fly, and they get hot and heavy in a janitor’s closet before she suddenly interrupts the fun to catch a flight. Later, they try to reconnect, but the bland Tim — what does she see in the guy? — is slow on the uptake.

Cut to a little while later. Needing a date for a company retreat at a swanky resort in Hawaii, and desperately wanting to impress his boss (Geoff Pierson), Tim gathers up his courage and texts Missy, asking her if she wants to accompany him. She texts yes. Or, rather, the woman who got the misdirected text and agrees to go is the wrong Missy (Lauren Lapkus).

Wrong, as in during their blind dinner date some months back, the hyper, loud, insanely brash Missy talked explicitly about sex, made cringe-worthy jokes, drank like a fish, and pulled out a knife she calls Sheila. And that wasn’t the half of it.

Lapkus (television’s “Orange is the New Black” and “Crashing”) by far is the best thing about the movie, a completely fearless performer whose rapid-fire dialogue, physical antics and facial expressions are, yes, frequently laugh-out-funny.

But the crazed Missy makes the trip and, well, there will be hijinks, and misunderstandings, and small roles or cameos by the likes of a variety of Sandler gang members and others, including the always unwelcome Rob Schneider, who shows up for some unfunny slapstick involving a shark. And don’t forget the old romcom formula: boy meets psycho girl, boy loses psycho girl, psycho girl saves the day and calms down, and boy gets psycho girl again.

“The Wrong Missy” is all intermittently hilarious (entirely thanks to Lapkus) and frequently misogynistic. It made me laugh, but I hated myself in the morning.

Grade: C+


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