What Makes For Good Jazz Radio? Curated Programming

Larry Appelbaum, longtime jazz announcer at WPFW-FM in Washington, D.C., hits the nail on the head when he talks about the how and why of good jazz radio.

This comment is particularly cogent, I think: “It’s also worth noting that consumers these days have many more choices for music sources besides radio. The reason people support my program and the idea of public radio in general is the opportunity for curated programming. The marketplace is flooded with product and from the feedback I receive, people are seeking an informed opinion about what is worth checking out. If you can provide some context for understanding the music, curious people will keep coming back.”

In other words, give listeners something appealing that they won’t find anywhere else.

He also hits the nail on the head regarding what jazz DJs ought not to do. You know, no excessive gabbing at the expense of spinning the tunes.

“Of course you have to watch the ratio of talk to music and know when to shut up and play more music,” he said, in an interview with Aidan Levy for the JazzTimes Education Guide, published in November. “If you do talk about music, it helps if you have something to say. Remember, it’s about the music, not you.

Check out the entire interview, posted on Rosenbaum’s blog, here.



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