“Accidental Racist”: Intentionally Offensive?

About “Accidental Racist” by Brad Paisley & LL Cool J (!?!):

I’m proud of many things — family, faith traditions, food, music, Southern writers and artists, SEC football, front porches, hound dogs — that I view as part of my Southern Heritage. The Confederate flag is NOT one of those things.

What a dunderheaded, misguided piece of “entertainment.” To make matters even worse, if that were possible, the song also offers trite lyrics and bland instrumental backing.

Having a soft spot for Lynyrd Skynyrd is no excuse for wearing a shirt emblazoned with a Confederate flag, fella. Seriously, you weren’t aware of the hateful, hurtful message you were sending by wearing it? Not buying it.

Sorry, but the song is not “misunderstood.” Don’t even go there. Instead, it’s accidentally or intentionally offensive. And quite stupid to boot.

Speaking of their intentions, was the plan to create “controversy” in order to move some units? Is it possible that Brad Paisley and, oddly enough, LL Cool J, would be so cynical as to pursue that type of strategy simply to attract attention?

I was going to post the song here, but I, uh, accidentally deleted it.

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