My Top 10 Success Tips for Aspiring Bands

My Top 10 Success Tips for Aspiring Bands:

  1. Be young — try not to age past 29, if at all possible
  2. Have the right “look”
  3. Wear hair, preferably your own
  4. Play stuff they know
  5. Aim to sound like other cool or (better yet) popular bands
  6. Hang out at clubs all night, every night to make “contacts”
  7. Spend your days promoting ceaselessly
  8. Be willing to play anywhere, any time
  9. Accept any pay, or even no pay at all if it means “exposure”
  10. Be yourself, unless it conflicts with any of the other rules


2 thoughts on “My Top 10 Success Tips for Aspiring Bands

  1. I came across a piece you wrote 10 years ago about Pete Brady. I knew Pete in Indiana in the 1960s–we worked together then–and I called the phone number given in the article for buying his CD. It’s no longer his number, and I wondered if Pete is still around and functioning. For many years, I’ve been pianist for Neil Diamond, but I remember my jazz days, and it was wonderful to read that story of Pete’s bouncing back. Hope he’s still alive and well.

    • Hi, Tom.
      I remember that interview, and that story, very well.
      I’ve lost touch with Pete, and I’ve not really heard anything about him in recent years.
      I’ll do a little looking around — if I find any updated info on him, I’ll let you know.
      Thanks much for reading.

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