Speaking of the CelebCult virus …

… Madonna’s manager, Larry Rudolph, told USA Today this week that Britney’s latest round of pop fluff, Circus, released Tuesday, “is going to be the album that cements her legend status.”

Excuse me? Britney just turned 27. When has she done anything to suggest that she is now, or will ever be, viewed as a “legend”? Must have happened when I blinked.

But seriously, so as not to be guilty of being snarky and overly dismissive: aside from selling bucketfuls of CDs, and cranking out titillating videos, what has she accomplished musically? Has she broken any musical barriers? Has she concocted any significant new styles of music?

There is this: Richard Thompson turned in a surprisingly poignant version of Britney hit “Oops! I Did It Again,” in a segment aired once on NPR.

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